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How to Strip DRM from WMV?

This article contains three parts:

Part 1: Why Need to Remove DRM from WMV Files?

Part 2: How to Remove/Strip DRM from WMV Files?

Part 1: Why Need to Strip DRM from WMV Files?

Originated by Microsoft, WMV is widely employed by big online media providers, like Zune Marketplace, CinemaNow, Amazon Unbox, Movielink, as a codec to encrypt and transfer video & movie files with DRM protection. Generally, if you don't have specific digital players that are in line with the "play for sure" rule, or your PC is not authorized with playback license, you have no way to access those WMV video files.

Part 2: How to Remove DRM from WMV Files?

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is a professional DRM Removal Software and media converter, it can remove DRM from protected movie and music, and also convert any common unprotected audio and video to the target formats.

Step 1: Free download DRM Media converter. Launch the installed software program and add DRM WMV files to the it so as to strip DRM from WMV by clicking "Add.." button.

remove windows media player DRM Removal steps

Step 2: Once added DRM WMV files, you need to select the common audio format by clicking the drop-down button under the "Audio files to:" item.

Step 3: Lastly, just click the "Start" button to strip DRM from WMV easily and fast.

Done! As you can see, with the DRM stripper's help, the work to strip DRM from WMV is just a breeze. What you need do is just several mouse clicks. Try it to strip DRM from WMV immediately!

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